I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Miami, Florida and carry a Cuban ethnic background through my wonderful parents. One of the greatest things I cherish today are the memories I have as a child; always laughing, having fun with my soaring imagination and exploring my creative interests. I grew up in an ambitious household ranging from entrepreneur parents, recording artist sister, and entrepreneur, drummer crazed brother of mine. Our dreams and goals never seemed ridiculous in our home and my parents always encouraged us to challenge ourselves, take risks and chase our dreams. For as far back as I can remember, I've always known that acting is what I was meant to do. I would often feel disconnected with other kids and people in general when it came to my career. Many would mistake my passion for child play and not as something truly attainable in the real world.

As a young girl I would sit to watch films and television shows for hours, learning from actors and practicing my craft.. I would make my dad video tape me performing different scenes from my favorite films and television shows. Let's just say I quickly made my dad my full time camera man!

When I was 14 I was accepted into an acting school in Florida and soon after being accepted, I was invited to audition and compete in Los Angeles for the top agents, managers and casting directors in the business. I received a total of 13 callbacks for representations and auditions and won "Best Comedic Actress" in the competition. After signing with my L.A agent, I began auditioning professionally and more frequently. I put the greatest years of my life on hold and moved to Los Angeles after graduating from high school. After living across the country for three years, I began gaining some exposure by booking commercials and hosting jobs. A few years later while back in Miami for a break, my agent called me about a Nickelodeon show called "Every Witch Way" (E.W.W) and told me they had been looking to cast the role of "Lily" for a while now, but had not found the right actress yet. It all happened so fast as I think back at it now! Two and a half weeks after my audition for "Lily", I was at my first table-read for Season One of "Every Witch Way"!

E.W.W has changed my life in so many ways!. I have become a part of a wonderful, cast and crew who I consider my second family that I adore so much. I have received so much love and support from fans all over the world who support me and our show. Your sweet comments and letters I receive from all of you mean so much to me and put the biggest smile on my face! I love you all!

I will always be grateful to my humble beginnings and to every person who has ever believed in me enough to cast me in their projects. Thank you to my family for their never-ending support and love through it all. I believe that everything happens for a reason and we each have our own story to tell. You should never give up on your dreams no matter how hard they may seem and always embrace any set back you face as a challenge to rise above it. Like most people, I felt like a failure a million times, especially in the beginning of my career. I realized there was always something positive to take from something negative in life and that the only way I would truly become a failure was if I were to quit. I encourage you to follow your dreams and never give up! I wouldn't change a thing about my story so far, mistakes and all. This is just the beginning and I am so excited to see what the future holds!

Xo Melissa



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Been obsessing over my @nyxcosmetics chunky dunk in watermelon cooler since I wore it on the carpet at the Imagen awards…. It has officially become my favorite lip color 💋 thank you @ellelearyartistry 😘

Late post but I just have to say, I’m SO excited that #EveryWitchWay has OFFICIALLY been picked up for a 3rd season! Is this even real life?! Thank you guys so much for watching, tweeting, and being the most loyal fans on earth! We owe it all to YOU! Love you all so much and can’t wait to bring more magic into your homes next year! Miami, I’m coming home! #DontWakeMeUp #NurseLilyIsHeadingBackToIridiumHigh

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